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Assago, 10th of November
EuroText presentation, SAP OpenText solution for conservazione sostitutiva and eInvoicing

Montpellier, 16th-19th of November
ITside chosen as one of the 5 more innovative companies of Italian ICT

EuroText by ITside: natively integrated with SAP and Open Text for e-invoicing, conservazione sostitutiva, digital signature ... >>

Paris June 2009
signed partnership with Generix, French group focused on EDI and e-invoicing ... >>

iTside's conservazione sostitutiva on Memopal storage: appliance in house and remote storage

Copenhagen June 2010
ITside participates to euroPROC, European project about e-procurement. Meetings in Copenhagen with the major Danish public agencies.

CAbout us

Paper management is expensive for your organization:
paper, toners, ink, time wasted for searching and sharing information, re-typing information in digital systems, transport costs, stamps, envelops, renting part of your room/building as paper repository.

In addition paper causes deforestation, C02 growing and pollution.

At the contrary, management of digital documents increases productivity and is a green process. In fact an ECM/Electronic Documental System has many advantages:
it allows fast access to
-scanned paper documents (e.g. passive invoices)
-originally electronic documents, directly created as files (e.g. active invoices, business books, financial transactions).
An ECM system improves productivity as it easily shares the digital format in your organisation in a very fast way.

So far we had to print files on paper and store paper documents to give documents full legal value. Advantages of digital format were partial, because paper management was mandatory as well for fiscal and legal reason.

Now it i?s possible to give digital documents full legal value: it? is possible not to print your documents on paper, with processing their files only.

Documents received from other organisations (e.g. passive invoices) can be originally electronic or scanned. Company documents can be digital: it ?is possible not to print your documents on paper and, after scanning, to throw away paper documents you receive.

The software process to follow in order to give full legal value to the digital documents, depends on country?s laws. This particular process includes many steps and digital signature technology.

EU laws have defined rules for e-invoices and it?s already mandatory to send only e-invoices to public administrations in some countries
(e.g. Finland, Denmark ) for reducing costs.

E-invoicing is going to be mandatory in Greek public administrations as it reduces costs and allows a simpler control of the outgoings. E-invoicing is a measure that can help in the current period of economic crisis. E-invoicing is likeky going to be mandatory in Italy; in addition, this will be a way to check tax evasion. Economic crisis forces to this innovation. ITside target is to support market to make paper processes digital processes with full legal value. More than 10 years of experience of their professionals make ITside a very qualified player in this market.

Itside provides with solutions to legalise digital documents and transactions through digital signature and a multichannel delivery (SMS, fax, email, and mail only when necessary). Our complete platform is EuroText. It can be used for fiscal documents, financial transactions and all documents of your organisation. You can approve or sign your documents through mobile phone or computer, with full legal value.







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