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Assago, 10th of November
EuroText presentation, SAP OpenText solution for conservazione sostitutiva and eInvoicing

Montpellier, 16th-19th of November
ITside chosen as one of the 5 more innovative companies of Italian ICT

EuroText by ITside: natively integrated with SAP and Open Text for e-invoicing, conservazione sostitutiva, digital signature ... >>

Paris June 2009
signed partnership with Generix, French group focused on EDI and e-invoicing ... >>

iTside's conservazione sostitutiva on Memopal storage: appliance in house and remote storage

Copenhagen June 2010
ITside participates to euroPROC, European project about e-procurement. Meetings in Copenhagen with the major Danish public agencies.


Digital signature from SAP interfaces

Many documents created in digital format are fiscal documents, often created in SAP systems.

SignOnSAP is a layer that gives these documents full legal and fiscal value: it allows to sign from SAP interfaces and its workflow.

It is possible to configure SignOnSAP to treat document by document or in a massive way. Information is taken from SAP without using unsafe shared folders, but in a native way. SignOnSAP makes signature a function avalaible on clients, without installing anything on them: the signature engine is server side and it is available for many users at the same time, each with his different PIN. It is in house or in outsourcing.

SignOnSAP is suitable for application documents, reports or printlist avoiding paper and printers.

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