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Assago, 10th of November
EuroText presentation, SAP OpenText solution for conservazione sostitutiva and eInvoicing

Montpellier, 16th-19th of November
ITside chosen as one of the 5 more innovative companies of Italian ICT

EuroText by ITside: natively integrated with SAP and Open Text for e-invoicing, conservazione sostitutiva, digital signature ... >>

Paris June 2009
signed partnership with Generix, French group focused on EDI and e-invoicing ... >>

iTside's conservazione sostitutiva on Memopal storage: appliance in house and remote storage

Copenhagen June 2010
ITside participates to euroPROC, European project about e-procurement. Meetings in Copenhagen with the major Danish public agencies.

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ITside has developed expertise and solutions to support your business:

Electronic and digital signature: signature devices (HSMs, usb tokens, smart cards), middleware for remote and massive signature, cryptographic libraries and Certification Authorities setup.
Delivery of digital documents with full legal value: HSMs for massive and remote signature following law contraints, securing and authenticating document signers through the usage of different PINs born on the HSMs, signature workflow in web 2.0 technology and in SAP environment,  indexing, massive and remote signature on transactions and payments, following countries law. Conservazione sostitutiva is the process of giving digital documents full legal value below Italian laws.

Lagal expertise: giving digital documents full legal value, following laws of each country is our job

Data Security: encryption, firewall solutions and system integration

Systems: wide consulting on ?technical infrastructures?. ITside is able to cover customer needs and requirements for assesments and projects







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Digital Signature

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Conservazione Sostitutiva
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